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Currently an aspiring cheesemaker has a choice between small booklets and comprehensive guidebooks. This book aims to straddle that gap, only giving enough background science as is strictly necessary, complimented with real life photos and a resource guide for those who, like me, find themselves drawn into this fascinating hobby. The spiral design allows the book to be laid flat as recipes are followed. There is a troubleshooting section for sorting out common problems.

Published Available from July 1st 2023
Soft back wire bound
120 Pages
148mm x 210mm
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I have been so impressed with your book, I am not a cheese maker, just a cheese monger.   I found it very easy to read and understand.  Well done on turning your hobby into such a passion.   Thank you for the mention, and thinking so highly of us.  We all really enjoyed tasting your cheese.

- Kathryn Figueiredo Owner Gourmet cheese shop Rosemount Aberdeen

Cheesemaking books often fall into two different categories. Fairly basic, beginner-level recipes, featuring minimal information or large comprehensive guides with quite complex instructions and cheesemaking principles to follow. This can sometimes be off-putting to the budding amateur cheesemaker. Ian's book aims to bridge that gap, providing clear, easy information, without getting the reader bogged down in technical jargon. Ian started making cheese several year's ago and his invaluable experience lends itself to this great book which is packed full of recipes, useful information and Ian's own insights. A must for anyone starting their cheesemaking journey.

- Ben Dolby Owner Cheese and Yogurt making UK ( Goat Nutrition)

Hi Ian, Just received your book and started reading! It is awesome, I love it. Regards, Helen

- Helen Chabanov Tasmania

Home Cheesemaking made simple A straightforward guide aimed at those new to cheesemaking or anyone wanting to experiment further. Whilst the book is written in an idiomatic style, it comes with authority and just enough background science. Full of easy-to-understand terminology and practical advice, Ian gives plenty of impartial recommendations for equipment and supplies. The book lists around 20 different cheese recipes; with classics including Camembert, Wensleydale and Roquefort, alongside some less well-known varieties, such as a Calvados-steeped Monks’ Cheese and Val Camella (a soft, mountain cheese). Each recipe is broken down into clearly-explained steps, including recommendations for ageing and any common defects to look out for. For a preview, check out the biblet here.

- Academy of Cheese e newsletter