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In Search of the Village Distilleries of Maramureș


This book is a celebration in photographs of the art of village fruit brandy distillation in Maramures , the most remote and most traditional province of Romania. The ‘cazan' or ‘still' lies at the heart of the agrarian culture. The book tries to distill the essence of the culture both in photographs of the brandy making, but also of the surrounding villages, people and places. The book is written in English but with a full Romanian translation. The author also describes his long term relationship with Romania which started in 1970 with a motorcycle trip through Transylvania.

Published 2015
Travel / Culture / Alcohol
96 Pages
Vadu Izei
contemplation in Calinesti
stoking the furnace

It looks wonderful! Congratulations for the hard work and dedication. It is a great testimonial to life in Maramures and a beautiful record.

- Maria Borca, Tourism agent Breb Maramures