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This portrait of a malt whisky distillery at work was produced in collaboration with the distillery and captures in photographs the daily life of a little known distillery in North East Scotland, very traditional in its methods and largely without automation. The author researched the history both written and oral and the book contains a timeline and the original drawings from Charles Doig in 1898. All the processes from peating the malt to storing in the warehouses are featured. The malt whisky from Ardmore is more than half the content of Teachers Highland Cream, known throughout the world as a quality blended whisky.

Published 2011
64 Pages
18cm x 25cm
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The result is an original work capturing the distillery at a given time. Not really a book about technical details and history of the distillery, but presented more as a photo reportage showing the life and the dynamism of the distillery, richly illustrated by excellent photographs. I really enjoyed this book for its photographic content, but I wished that the textual content was increased. I am looking forward reading his next book(s).

- Patrick Brossard Whisky News